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About Luxury Asia Trips

With over a decade of experience in tourism, Luxury Asia Trips is a leading tour company in Asia specializing in customized, creative, Asia luxury tours. We exist to help you discover Asia your way. No groups, No flags, No fixed dates. You can reveal the charm of Asia that interests you most, on your dates, with your own private driver and guide.

Unlike other tour operators and overseas travel agencies that mostly just resell fixed tours, Luxury Asia Trips works with you to customize your immensely own unique and worry-free trips to Asia. Every luxury Asia holiday is specially designed to your interests, with 1:1 help from your own dedicated Asia specialist, every step of the way!

We’ve been building our team for more than a decade, handpicking our team of Asia specialists, private guides & drivers, and experiences across Asia. As a leading tour company in Asia, we recognize the secret paths to stunning vista, the hidden history, and the hidden problems — like booking elusive seats & tables at outstanding 5-star restaurants, not those tourist hangouts or hotel group tours use.

Our Story

Luxury Asia Trips was founded by Hana and Henry, who are also an avid and passionate travelers. Indeed, they were traveling across Asia and they noticed:

  • Not only Asia has unparalleled natural beauty & cultural heritage. In addition, these destinations have several of the most lavish hotels and facilities in the world.
  • The lack of a reliable as well as a really passionate entity to connect all the dots for visitors across the world, especially those appreciating the finest of things.
  • The finest experience that one can have is the one that let his/her individuality shine through.

That was why Luxury Asia Trips was founded.

Our Founders

Hana Nguyen


Hana has been working in tourism since 2002 when she was a 24 years old girl. She loves traveling, reading history books and more than over she likes contacting people all over the world. She has many friends from all over the world; first, they come to her as clients and then finish with friends. That is really fabulous! Isn’t it? She works with a target “Clients will get what they paid for and even more”.

Henry Le


Henry is based in an Interior Designer; however, the internet and travel seemed to find their way to him, who now can't imagine himself working in any other industry. Apart from running the business and training the staff, Henry loves photography and he is an amateur photographer (most of the pictures on this web site are his own works. Hope you guys like his pictures).

What's with the Name

The Luxury Asia Trips' name evolved from our desire to personalize each trip with experiences that are unique, authentic, and deluxe holiday from mass tourism. This is a feat that Luxury Asia Trips believe computers will not be able to deliver for generations to come – an art that’s best left to true travel specialists. Luxury Asia Trips represents our relentless search for the unique and the original – out of zillions of possibilities.

What We Do

  • Partnership with High-end Service Providers: 30+ Luxury Accommodations & Restaurants in each Destination in Asia
  • Most Frequent Returning Clients: 7 times in 4 years since 2011
  • The Longest Luxury Vacation: 29 Days
  • Number of Nationalities Served: 30+
  • Nationalities: the US, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, – Portugal, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Colombia, Russia, Mexico, Brunei, Chile, Brazil, Austria, Hungary, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Croatia, Poland, Cuba, Philippine…

 Our Value

We are Passionate about Travel

Our passion is to travel. We love traveling; we love our destinations and would like to show the very best of our countries to the world.

We Exceed Expectations

The customer experience is the most essential part of everything we do and every decision made is based on getting that experience right, making sure it is as perfect as can possibly be.

We Dare to Innovate - Persuade the Best & Unique

At Luxury Asia Trips, we value innovation & creativity in all areas of our work. We aim to find truly unique ways to travel & explore Asia, daring to show the different, exciting, quirky attributes which we love and make our world so special.

We Share Our Knowledge

We live and breathe our destinations and within Luxury Asia Trips the knowledge we have of our countries is mind-boggling. Sharing that knowledge with our staff, our clients and the rest of the world is core to our success.

We Aim to be Responsible

Respect ourselves, our company, our world. We do our best to not waste tie or resources and whenever possible try to actively improve the world we live in.

We Win

We expect to be the best because our clients deserve nothing but the best. We do this through continuous improvement in everything we do, we learn, we grow and keep improving ourselves in search of excellence.

 What Luxury Asia Trips Can Do for You

We understand what you really need in your luxury Asia tour packages, from spending time to relax or reconnect with family and friends to explore completely new places. We change every day to find our best version beyond customers’ expectations. Our only goal in mind: Provide the best experiences!

Safety Commitment

Whenever you travel with Luxury Asia Trips, you are in safe hands! As a leading tour operator, we always make sure the safety of any private vacation in Asia. Our specialist will be dedicated to handling your vacation throughout the process and take care of your trip with the little details to make sure that you have a worry-free journey to Asia. Moreover, your private driver and tour-guide are well-trained and good at soft-skills; thus, your vacation in Asia with us will be so much safe and sound.

about luxury Asia trips

We Work for You


At Luxury Asia Trips, we work to bring you a wonderful private vacation, all totally tailored and bespoke. We have the expertise to help you realize your dreams and turn it into reality, exceeding your expectations. We do this by being extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to each client. With over a decade of working in the tourism industry, we will work with you every step of the way until we achieve the perfect result: a personalized, life-changing holiday that becomes one of your favorite holiday memories

guide and client in Tokyo

High-end Customer Service from the First Hello to Your Goodbye

Many of our customers have returned to travel with us year after year and from one country to another because of our thorough and excellent services. We are an entire team who proud of ourselves on showing a friendly, personal and professional level of service to ensure that any Asia vacation will be operated well and effortless.

We have so many long-established partnerships that ensure the vacation you enjoy will be unique and luxurious. We are big enough to have power in offering excellent services, and we pass that to our clients. And we are small enough to provide great personal care.

luxury servie in thailand

Sustainable Tourism and Meaningful Travel


Culture Respect

At Luxury Asia Trips, we take our ethical and social responsibilities very seriously. We believe that tourism in Asia should do more good than harm that is why we are committed to following ethical practices. Not only do we treat the cultures we travel to with humility and reverence, but we also strive to create a 2-way dialogue, which is enriching for both visitors and locals. Through sustainable tourism practices, communities can focus anew on their traditions, celebrations, stories and traditional arts, and can devote more resources to maintaining their cultures, heritages and even languages. Our clients have the opportunity to admire the world and contribute to it in a way that is more responsible and, ultimately, more rewarding.


Responsible travel with us

When it comes to environmental responsibility, we always seek to steer our guests toward culturally authentic experiences that protect and preserve the ecological environment they interact with. Our goal is to have minimal impact on the areas we visit. To ensure we attain this, we only work with trusted suppliers, guides and lodges who share our eco-minded beliefs.

Preciously Captured Moment with Our Dearest Clients

Why Choose Us?

Luxury Asia Trips understands traveling to Asia countries in a luxurious style, in particular, is not a temporary decision. It is not every day you travel to the countries to delve into its mysterious stories, astonishing at antique architecture underwent a series of ups & downs during historical flows. Being in the industry for over a decade, we know tourism in Asia. Unlike many travel agencies who just sell trips, we create authentic experiences – designed to your taste, using our travel experts. Besides luxury Asia tours available on the website, we specialize in tailor-made Asia tour packages to discovery your untouched feeling.

Message From Our Founder

At Luxury Asia Trips, our dedicated travel experts work exceptionally hard to provide clients with ultimate luxury, flexibility, and comfort during their high-end vacation in Asia. If there are any of the ready-made Asia tour packages that do not suit your interests, feel free to contact us (without any commitment) and we will tailor-make the best Asia vacation in a luxurious style that deserves you most. The over a decade of experience working in tourism have helped us a lot in the journey to be the leading Asia Tour Operator and with this success, our team undertakes extensive programs in helping the community around us.”

Hana & Henry
Founding Partners
Luxury Asia Trips


We have done all the hard work so you can access the best destination has to offer. Thus, do not just take the road, determine your own memorable Asia luxury holiday with Luxury Asia Trips!

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