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Laos Travel Guide

Laos is one of Asia’s most charming destinations in Asia. Splendid nature — think mist-shrouded mountain peaks that are flanked by jungle-clad valleys — combine with an impressive Buddhist culture to make Laos a fantastic destination for both backpackers and independent travelers, while luxury visitors are also well-customized for. Running the length of the mainly mountainous country is the almighty Mekong River, which floods paddy fields, as well as creates vital fish habitat and serves as the main highway and water source. Villages clustered along the river regularly welcome visitors drawn to the country’s exquisite French colonial architecture and superb palaces and temples, but, the rugged terrain keeps Laos blissfully off the typical tourist trail.
As I said above, Laos is also an ideal destination for Asia luxury tours. So, to know about essential things before you travel to such an amazing country is a must. Enjoy articles below and if you have questions that are not contained in this Laos Travel Guide, contact us and every concern will be well solved.