A Sense of Well-being in Thailand | Sanctuaries and Cuisine – 6 Days

Balance your body, your soul, and your mind in the beautiful paradise of southern Thailand on this 6-day journey. Phuket and Khao Lak make for the perfect setting for visitors seeking to escape to relax and focus on well-being. Stay at a top luxury resort in Phuket where a wellness host will help to create a personalized program of experiences geared to achieve the goals you set. Mindful eating – an important factor of overall well-being, from considering the source and quality of your foods to eating a wide variety – is simple and enjoyable in southern Thailand where fresh seafood & fruits are abundant. Explore the flavors, textures, and aromas of Phuket’s special cuisine at Old Town’s iconic multi-cultural cafes and eateries and a lauded farm-to-table restaurant. Then, a getaway to the secluded quiet Khao Lak and slow it down. Take your wellness routine seaside, and get into a meditation session or massage treatment on the sandy white beach. Take a deep breath of the sea air and let the gentle tropical breeze carry away all of your stress.  This immersive trip offers the trifecta of rejuvenating activities, delicious and fresh food experiences, and inspiring destinations, helping you achieve a sense of well-being unique to southern Thailand.