Cambodia Wellness Retreat – 5 Days

This Cambodia luxury wellness retreat tour is quite special. If you want to enjoy the privilege of exclusive accommodation on one hand, and traveling tours through the jungle and less traveled paths on the other hand, just trust our creative team and organization. You’re in the right place. This tour gives you an insight into local archaeological sites, mythology. You’ll travel through ancient times to the most important archaeological site in Southeast Asia – Angkor Archaeological Park, visit the largest religious monument in the world – Angkor Wat, get an insight into Hindu mythology and head to a wide range of fabulous historical and cultural sites that are under UNESCO protection. This Cambodia tour is the path to self-realization. Nature, yoga, ancient pranayama meditation sessions, local cultural heritage, all that in one perfect package. Made just for you. After this tour, your body, mind, and spirit will reach the higher level of harmony and you’ll come back home feeling energetic, enthusiastic and positive.