Luxury Trip Asia to Attend ITB Berlin 2020

Luxury Trip Asia attend ITB Berlin

The 2020 iteration of ITB will be held from March 4th to March 8th and once again present destinations of over 180 countries, and an estimated number of visitors reaching 160,000. Luxury Trip Asia is proud to announce that we will be attending the full conference and use 5 days there to introduce our latest tours, travel services, as well as the new travel trends noted in Asia, meet our current partners and try to build new business relationships.
The topic of the ITB 2020 is: “Smart Tourism for Future: sustainable, relevant and digital”. It includes four topics Sustainability – Digitalization – Changing customer demands – Luxury segment.

Sustainable Development

The ITB Berlin 2020 aims to offer answers to very existential and fundamental questions about sustainable travel:
1. Can we still travel as much and in the same ways in the future as we do today?
2. If we take climate protection seriously, will we still be able to travel to long-haul destinations in the future?
3. How can tourism contribute to the positive development of countries?
4. How can we better manage tourist flows in terms of time and space so that we avoid over-tourism?
Sustainable travel is the vital part of Luxury Trip Asia’ development in this decade. Respecting the local cultures, reducing the footprint in destinations, supporting local charities by travel, and going carbon neutral are all centralized in our tours and packages.


Digitalization can make a significant contribution to sustainability. Digital solutions make information, monitoring and control more intelligent and efficient – in other words, smarter.
For Luxury Trip Asia, digitalization has impressive potential to optimize the customer experience and offer our customers exactly the right vacations and tailor-made travel offers according to the customer’s needs. Digitalization in the form of Search Engine Optimization, Youtube, Video Marketing, and Social Media plays a central role in marketing.

Changing Customer Demands

Tomorrow’s clients demand travel that are tailor-made to their living environment, goals and lifestyle. They are striving for very personal travel experiences. The pioneers of the future tourists even demand that travel gives a deeper meaning, only then do journeys become really relevant. This positive change obtains the agreements from tour operators all over the world including Luxury Trip Asia.

Luxury Segment

This segment is pointing the way to the future of tourism. In the near future, Luxury Trip Asia is developing two new luxury travel brands in Asia, therefore, a new understanding of luxury travel with exclusive global studies, new empirical findings and stimulating best practice examples illuminated and analyzed at ITB 2020 will be our priceless experiences and knowledge.
Our Luxury Trip Asia Team will welcome you on our booth 200 – Hall 26B and will be happy to share our travel passion for our beloved Asia.
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